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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

I'm as Mad as a Hatter~

Neko Mallo
( Currently Hosting x_white_whorl_x, My Vaan~
Also I am currently hosting femmefatalsamus who, of course, is my Samus )


My name isn't really Mallo. I'm studying at high school and am learining japanese. I'm a female gamer that likes to read and write fanfiction and sprinkle it with art. I have a short attention span sometimes and I'm well known to say something random or provide good information. I go by the motto: 'If in doubt, ask.'

I like alot of things.
Roleplaying, games, writing, reading, drawing, and singing just to name a few.

I'm a psychotic artist who loves her friends dearly.

Thank you to a friend over on DeviantArt who made this for me~ I owe you!