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I am /not/ sulking.

Ergh, the past few months have been a headache. Lots of things needed to be done that are out of the way so, for now, I am back.


I doubt I was missed anyway.


I haven't been writing Zelda as much but a good friend kicked me into gear for at least one story.
Me and my odd ships, FFFF.

Like these will ever be Beta'dCollapse )


Er, yeah. That's all I have for now...

Christmas isn't Coming -- ORIGINAL WORK

Okay, this depressing little piece was written for a short story comp but due to illness, I was unable to hand it in on the deadline. So, uhm. I'll just post it here.

It's a story of a little boy with a terminal illness...


Christmas will never come...Collapse )

Anyway, it's dyin' out here.
Has everyone retreated to their graves?
Well I stand before you with nothin' in my hand but a smile full of cheer!
I weave a story of my many close shaves.
Your eyes are on me as I steal the stage.
Your ears soaking up every tainted word.
I swallow the key to my own fuckin' cage.
Singing songs of pointless shit while I flip you the bird.

Anyway, poetry is not my thing at the moment. It's a week from my birthday and my life could get better, much better. Nightmares are stoppin' me from sleeping so I fake a tiny smile and tell my friends that I'm perfectly fine.

I don't know if I can last much longer with only an hour or so of sleep.

On a lighter note, my dad's payin' for my ticket to go see Gorillaz when they come in December, I'm so excited. I'm gonna see the guys who have started my passion for music, my mentors in rhyme. My happiest memories of my first MP3 player is attached to Clint Eastwood, my favorite song when I was younger.

I'm a happy girl at the moment, aside from the lack of sleep.

Well, I suppose I shall write more stuff soon, a promise I made is almost broken. More original stuff is on the way!

Oneshot;; A Fight She Could Never Win

What is this!? A Zelda post on my page and not Shadowfield? Bah, just this once.

Okay, so. I tend to be a tad unstable every now and then and some weird stuff comes out... Mainly depressing and this is no exception...

Title: A Fight She Could Never Win
Pairing/Characters: Implied Link/Sheik... I can't say much more.
A/N: I'm having a crack at Link/Fem!Sheik. I usually fail at this pairing (being a Link/MAN!Sheik shipper and all) but... I've been told that I'm good. Also, if you don't like Fem!Sheik, replace she with he and so on.


depressing oneshot is hiding behind this cutCollapse )


Lol, the subject line...

Anyway~ I've been writing and drawing as of late... The pictures won't show up here 'cause I'm too much of a bitch at the moment and I'm kinda depressed about my art style. Poetry is on the plates tonight, followed by a dessert of some lovely Alice in Underland Wonderland (Burton's version) drabbles.

Why Alice you ask? I just adore that version of Hatter! ... 'Sides, good Hatter/Alice is rarer than the next chapter of WAL, thanks inuyashacooks ...

Anyway. Poetry is depressing and shit, talking about some guy blasting his brains out after getting back from war. I recommend that if you believe that there is no such thing as reincarnation, you should leave me alone or go get fucked, I ain't in the mood for any bullshit tonight.



Depressing poetry for your morbid enjoymentCollapse )


The Alice in Wonderland drabbles were written practically straight after I saw the movie for the first time and are a very huge 'what if'. Some hinting and shit.



Prompt: PassionCollapse )



Prompt: RosesCollapse )



Prompt: StrangeCollapse )


If you want to know what my answer is it's 'They both carry great sorrow'. My answer is based off the fact that the most depressing things are written at a desk and a raven symbolizes death.

Well shit, this went down well...

Okay, so. I went to go get my bloody medicare card today, found out that I've had my own since I was fucking two! Why don't people tell me these things! So now I have to go to the doctor and talk to them about going on the pill.

I've been talking to a few friends and have decided to get motivated about an original story written to Fireflies by Owl City, add that to the list.

A drawing request from a friends' left me stumped... captlinebeck wants me to draw her some TP!Link/Toon Link... God knows why.

Upload an edited version of my Skyward Sword theory to Fan Fiction along with a few oneshots...

Bug inuyashacooks about WAL once her computer is repaired...

And generally try to relax until I get home to my lovely new Zelda jumper/sweater and all my friends.

If you have a request for anything, let me know ASAP because chances are I'll do it on the bus trip home and upload it when I get a hold of the internet.

Love Electricty, Shockwave Central~

 Well, I've been drawing again... And I'm actually quite happy with the results. Two to do with Gorillaz and two Zelda.

For the Gorillaz, I've been in love with Stylo and Feel Good INC lately. I suppose that's why I drew these~

Gorillaz Art. Stylo and Feel Good~Collapse )

Now, with the Zelda stuff, I've been going through a stage where I love Oni Link. And my favorite crack pairing? Oni/Sheik~

Zelda Art. Oni and Sheik.Collapse )

Sorry for the art spam.
So, uh. Yeah. I wrote some original stuff. The main character is taken from a mix of the Swan Lady and Selkie legends with a lot of bullshitting because the legends were sketchy at the best of times. Plus I've been meaning to write something original. I also like to have very childish grown-ups for some reason.

I'm explaining some stuff about the story, you don't need it to understand but it helps.Collapse )


Turn forever hand in hand. Take it all in on your stride. It is ticking falling down... Love forever, Love is free.Collapse )

For you, Inuyashacooks!

Well, I still can't understand why you love my poetry... This actually is a test for when I work on my podcast in media, I need to see how good my computer is when it comes to recording.

So uh, yeah.

Poetry;; A Woman's Curse

A little something I forgot I had. Written for my English class but it's not complete, I lost the art that went with it. Oh well, I'll do another batch.



"I sink my fangs into you young..."Collapse )

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