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Lol, the subject line...

Anyway~ I've been writing and drawing as of late... The pictures won't show up here 'cause I'm too much of a bitch at the moment and I'm kinda depressed about my art style. Poetry is on the plates tonight, followed by a dessert of some lovely Alice in Underland Wonderland (Burton's version) drabbles.

Why Alice you ask? I just adore that version of Hatter! ... 'Sides, good Hatter/Alice is rarer than the next chapter of WAL, thanks inuyashacooks ...

Anyway. Poetry is depressing and shit, talking about some guy blasting his brains out after getting back from war. I recommend that if you believe that there is no such thing as reincarnation, you should leave me alone or go get fucked, I ain't in the mood for any bullshit tonight.



Somewhere past the brain matter that covered the wall, some writing in blood with your familiar scrawl.
The war was brutal on your childish mind, we all thought you were fine because you were so kind.

But now you're nothing but a fleeting memory which we struggle to remember, just fading away like a dying ember.
You were our honey smile and our sour glare, now all that's left is the mess of blood and brain on your favorite chair.

With tears we all left red roses on your grave, wishing we were in time to stop you and keep you brave.

To you (our child of blood and hope) we weep, wishing now that you had not fallen into eternal sleep.

For you are our beloved boy, the thralls of madness just treated you like its toy.

So sleep now our sweet prince, let this mistake spare your next life and give your soul a rinse.


The Alice in Wonderland drabbles were written practically straight after I saw the movie for the first time and are a very huge 'what if'. Some hinting and shit.



Mad Hatter/Alice – Passion.

Not once in her short life did she expect to meet someone like Tarrant Hightopp, the Hatter interested Alice from day one. The pale girl couldn't understand why she was drawn to him. It was a day before the Frabjous day and Alice found herself pacing the halls, unable to sleep. The Hatter stuck his head out of the door, giving the blonde an empathizing look. “Shall we walk?” the ginger stepped out, surprising the girl. Alice gave Tarrant a small smile, nodding. “That would be nice, thank you.”


They wandered the halls for an hour, silence between them. Alice couldn't help but peek at his eyes, he stared back. The blonde was shocked by the colour, not his usual shade of green and orange but a light blue. “Hatter, what's bothering you?” she stopped, grabbing the hem of his sleeve to stop him too. Tarrant frowned and looked away, sighing. “Tomorrow, you defeat the Jabberwocky... You'll leave me.” Alice was quiet, reaching up and touching Hatter's cheek; trying to get him to look at her. “Tarrant, I will leave... but, this I promise to you. I'll return. Don't you see? I love you...” the blonde girl looked down, staring at their feet. She did not expect the warm hands that pulled up her face so she could see him, his eyes red; the colour of passion. “Alice, my Alice...” he pressed his lips to hers, it was quick but loving. Enough to make the girl regret ever thinking of departing from Underland. She started the next kiss, Tarrant returning it.

No one saw the passion shared between the two that night, a secret that both of them carried until Alice did indeed return.



Mad Hatter/Alice-Roses

Alice had returned a year after the Frabjous day, she bared the parties that were thrown in her honor with a smile. The blonde sat in her room after a long-winded ball, unpinning her hair. She really wanted to see Tarrant again, sadness deep in her when the invitations had been sent back with a polite letter declining. Alice stared at her reflection, jumping when there was a knock at her door. The pale girl stood, opening it a crack and peeking out. She was shocked by the sight. Hatter was there, a bunch of dusky blue roses in his hands. “Tarrant! I've missed you!” Alice flung the door opened and hugged Hatter, the madman barely able to move the flowers out of the way. The ginger hugged the woman back, nuzzling the top of her head. “I've missed you too, Alice.” the blonde pulled away and smiled at Hatter, taking the roses and looking back at his eyes; they were a light red or a deep pink, she couldn't tell. “Thank you.” Alice stood on her tip-toes, kissing Tarrant on the lips, the Hatter gladly returning the affection.



Mad Hatter/Alice- Strange

Alice had never seen Hatter as mad, just strange. Tarrant would ramble on and gain a Scottish accent until someone distracted him, his eyes going an odd shade of orange. But, perhaps, that was what she loved about him. The pale woman was sitting at her desk, smiling at the sudden line that popped into her head “How is a raven like a writing desk?” and suddenly her eyes widened, she knew. Alice jumped up and ran through the hall to Tarrant's room, bursting in on the Hatter. The ginger looked up from the silk in his hands, it was obvious that he was expecting such a thing. “Alice? What's wrong?” he was startled by the strange quirk to her smile. “Tarrant~ I've figured out how a raven is like a writing desk!” she sat opposite to the Hatter, watching his eyes go an odd shade of purple. The man just stared.
“How is a raven like a writing desk-” The sudden sound of a bell ringing cut him off, his usual smile suddenly appearing. “Sorry Alice, Please excuse me.” With this, Tarrant stood and left the blonde to think about her answer.


If you want to know what my answer is it's 'They both carry great sorrow'. My answer is based off the fact that the most depressing things are written at a desk and a raven symbolizes death.


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Jul. 14th, 2010 02:38 am (UTC)
awdjkhsefkjhsekjfh wsekghii

just want to say that i loved ALL OF THIS. srsly you should pursue poetry XD oh and that answer to the raven and writing desk question was actually very good, i wouldnt have thought of it XD
Jul. 14th, 2010 04:13 am (UTC)

I... I don't think I could pursue poetry, I haven't the patience of a poet. I mean, I rarely write poetry as it is because I just don't have the time... But, I think I'll promise you this.

If I ever see a poetry competition anywhere, I will enter it and let you know how I go.

As for the raven and the writing desk riddle, there wasn't an intended answer when Alice was written so, a lot of people have their own answers to it. I have a very morbid way of thinking so that's how I came to that conclusion...
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